Graduation Requirements

GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS (Classes of 2015-2018)

 – 26 Credits Required for Graduation –

English                                                                     4 credits Science                                                                           3 credits
English I                                                                          1 Biology I                                                                                  1
English II                                                                        1 Chemistry I or Physics                                                   1
English III                                                                       1 Another Lab Science                                                       1
English IV                                                                       1
Social Studies                                                              3 credits
Math                                                                           4 credits  World History & Geography                                        1
(Students must take Math each year) U.S. History & Geography                                              1
Algebra I                                                                           1 Economics                                                                              .5
Geometry                                                                        1 Government                                                                          .5
Algebra II                                                                         1
Upper Level Math                                                       1 Foreign Language                                                     2 credits
(In the same language)
Personal Finance                                                 .5 credits
Fine Arts                                                                         1 credit
(Such as Band, Music, Theater Arts, Visual Art or Vocal Music)
Wellness and Physical Education             1.5 credits
Lifetime Wellness                                                         1 Elective Focus (See note)                                      3 credits
Physical Education                                                       .5
Additional Electives                                                 4 credits

Course Substitutes

  • The Physical Education requirement may be met by marching band or athletic team participation.
  • The World History & Geography requirement may be met by AP European History or AP Human
  • Geography.
  • JROTC (2 years) for Lifetime Wellness
  • JROTC (3 years) for Lifetime Wellness, Physical Education, Government, and Personal Finance
  • English Language Learners may substitute up to two credits for English

According to State Board Policy, schools may waive the foreign language and fine arts requirements in exceptional circumstances.

NOTE: The State Board of Education requires all students to complete an elective focus program of study of no less than three credits to prepare for postsecondary study and lifelong learning. The elective focus should be finalized by the junior year.

Click here for PDF version of Graduation Requirements

General Information

  1. In order to set up a master schedule for the coming year, it is necessary to complete pre-registration as early as possible.
  2. All courses listed in the Curriculum Guide, except for required courses, may be altered according to student demand and teacher availability.
  3. Students will not be allowed to change a course selection once the registration process is complete unless the CHS staff has made an error. Necessary schedule adjustments will be made as deemed necessary by the CHS staff for completion of graduation requirements.



  • State Tested Course - State exams will be administered at the completion of courses as determined by the Tennessee Department of Education. These exams are English I, English II, English III, Biology I, Chemistry I, US History & Geography, Algebra I, and Algebra II.
  • ACT - This exam is mandatory for all 11th grade students. It will be given on a state designated school day, and scores are reportable for college admission. For additional test dates go to
  • TCAP Writing Assessment - This exam is mandatory for 9th - 11th grade students. Its purpose is to measure writing skills in preparation for college and the workplace.

 Click here for Maury County Public Schools Testing Schedule.


Advanced Placement and Honors Classes

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